For Mohammed Adel

Mohammed Adel

Last Thursday in Egyption Press Syndicate ,Freedoms Committee organized Symposium solidarity with arrested blogger Mohammed Adel, other bloggers (Mohammed khairy , hosam elwakil , kareem Ameer) and prisoners of opinion (bahaa fazzaa , Abdulrahman Megahed)
Mohammed Adel one of more active egyption bloggers , he disappeared on Thursday 20-11-2008 , arrested in position we do not know yet , and perhaps the most absurd thing that he is a twenty years old only.
A large number of political activists and representatives of civil society organizations have been attended , Gamal Eid (Director of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information ), Ahmed saif Elislam (Director Hisham Mubarak Center for Legal Assistance) Wael Abbas(Egyption blogger) , Abdulmenem Mahmud (Egyption blogger) , Adel fahmy ( Mohammed Adel's father) And others.
Symposium was started with short film about arrested bloggers ,Then MR. Ahmed Saif Elislam spoke about prisoners of opinion , criticized strongly the arrest of Mohammad Adel, and He warned all of the Terrorism law , He called on everyone to stand against this law.
then MR.Gamal Eid spoke about Legal status of Adel's arrest and sied " Although we are all against the law of emergency but, we now call Habib Aladely That does not violate the law and tell us the place of detention Mohamed Adel" also he told the audience that we there are ten prisoners of opinion and six of them are bloggers"
then Eng. Adel fahmy spoke about him son Mohammed and he sied "I am proud of Mohammed that he was arrested because of his interesting to their country and nation"
Wael Abbas spoke about personal attitudes between him and Mohammad Adel , and sied "I really miss Mohammed Adel , i feel like lost my little brother"
Abdelmoneem Mahmud told audience that there is information about the detention of Mohamed Adel in a state security headquarters in New Cairo city.
After the end of the symposium, all participated in a demonstration to release the detained bloggers


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